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About Me

Assalamualaikum ....
I'd like to introduce my self..

My Name is Dyah Ayu Rahmawati
You can call me as "Rahma" or "Dyah"
I'm nineteen years old on 5th August 2014 .
I'm the last child in my family, and I have two beloved older brothers..

~I like singing~
Because it makes me feel better in everytime, and it always give me many of reasons to keep Strong when I'm down. I think singing has become the parts of my life.

~I really really like Accoustic Music~
I like to see someone who plays a guitar, I like to hear someone who sings Accoustic Musics.. I think Accoustic Music is something special for me..everytime :)

~I really like Cooking~
I like cooking, I like to make some foods, pudding, cake, etc :)

~I love My Family~
I really LOVE My Parents, my Mommy and my Daddy.. They are too special for me.. They are my power to pass everything that becomes my problems.. I love them, because They are always besides me, in whatever conditions of me.. Do you know??? They are the only one my reason to continue my life as good as I can do.
And because of it, I will give EVERYTHING what i have to make them Happy.. I will always andeaver(berusaha) to make them Proud with me.. 
I love my brothers, they coloring my life, every single day I live with them, in happy, sad, and sorrow... We are always together.. 

~I really like Writing~
When I can't say something that bothers my mind, i prefer to Write it on my Notebook or my Laptop..
Sometimes, I think no one could understood me in any conditions..So I choose to write it on my notebook.. with my private word, with my emotionals at that time, and with my heart. So writing is too honest activities for me.

that's all about me..
i think we must begin to get closer each other if we want to be a good friend..
Just let me know about you.. 
Then I always easy going with you..

END ... :)


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Dianeka Widiantara
De, jadi kalo kalo ga punya Skype n MXit ga bisa berteman ya...
Huh, tidak adil!!!
Dyah Ayu Rahmawati
berteman bisa lewat manasaja mas widi :) hehe
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Wafa Cw
Salam kenalan Dyah... nice to meet you...
Dyah Ayu Rahmawati
salam kenal cik wafa :) nice to meet you too hehe
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Zi note
Salam kenal sob :)
Dyah Ayu Rahmawati
salam kenal juga yaa mas sob (ga pakek buntut) xixix :D
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Muhammad Lutfi Hakim
Sayangnya aku gak bisa bahasa Inggris, jadi gak paham. Salam kenal dari Purwodadi, Jawa Tengah.
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Piep piep..greetings with a smile on wednesday my friend Rahma
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Greetings with a smile from a lovely country named Belgium my friend
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Greetings from Belgium with a smile my friend
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Tok tok tok...Zalig paasfeest toegewenst with greetings from Belgium Rahma
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Greetings with a smile and rain from Belgium my friend Rahma
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Miep miep have a nice first of May my friend
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Rudi frdebouwer

Have a nice sunday with much sunshine my friend
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